Creative Things That I Love!

Today I looked at the computer screen and smiled at my creative family. The way I see it is, with ten kids some of us have to be creative right??? We all are in some way or another. In fact, most everyone in the world is too! Whether it is coding, making candy wrapper purses, singing a new song every time you hum, using popsicle sticks to make a little house, or making excuses for all of the things you didn’t do! 😉

Anyways, some things my creative family and God did that I love:

1.) The YES! pic my siblings made using a camera and powerpoint:


2.) The picture my sister is making for my parents!  Isn’t it beautiful???


3.) The frozen lake here in MI that God creatively designed.  (not Lake MI, Crooked Lake :))


Hope you find things to love too! Post a comment with something you found recently that made you happy!

~Kloé Sundberg

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