Looking Back Over 2016


Hello, again…I decided to do a “looking back over 2016” post. I don’t think I have ever done one of these before, but-I mean- it can’t be hard, right? Just talk about your last year.

Some pretty amazing things happened to me this year. God has been so good! For starters, I graduated from high-school. I was able to do it with my amazing sister, Kay.  She was such a blessing to do all of my school years with and I miss her in college. 😦

Kay, one of my other sisters, and I got to sing my mom’s favorite song at the ceremony and managed to make her cry. 😉


Secondly, we got to take a family, vacation trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. I got to swim in the American Ocean for the first time in my life. It was so amazing. The houses down there are so brightly painted it is amazing. I loved it!



I also got to visit my old state Michigan for a week this summer. It was great! I got to see wonderful friends and visit my relatives. I even got to see my seconds cousin’s son. He was so cute!

And now……….for some really exciting news. (drum roll) My sister got engaged! She will be the first of us 10 kids to get married, and she couldn’t have picked a better guy. He is going to fit in so well. He also comes from a family of 10 also. Isn’t her ring so beautiful??





Finally, I got an incredible new camera for photography and blogging. I got a Nikon D5300. I have loved it for the last month, and can’t wait to use it in 2017.


Anyways, it was an amazing year. God is good all the time! I pray that we have a wonderful 2017, and God teaches and leads us in His path!


~Kloë ♥

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