Cards: In Time for Valentines Day


I realized I haven’t posted a craft in a while, so I thought I would! With Valentines Day just a week away cards are in order. Don’t you think so?


Things you will need:

Card stock

Different printed papers

Ribbon or ribbon tape



Stickers or stamps

Brown ink for brushing the edges

Simple Steps:

*I made my little card a LOVE post card, but you could do a folded one too.*

The first most important thing of all is layering.  In card making, if you just do a piece of card stock folded with a sticker it is not going to look half as impressive compared to one with layers.  Even if they are simple it makes all the difference.


See? Simple, but more eye-catching than if we pulled the printed paper layer out.

Now, for the LOVE card, I layered off center with a printed paper layer on top of the yellow base. Next, I layered with a solid blue on top of the blue printed. Lastly, I put a LOVE sticker on top of all of the layers.

Off to the side I used an amazing thing called ribbon tape (not official name, but whatever). It is easier than trying to glue ribbon down flatly. I bought it at our local Joanne’s  Fabrics store, but you could probably find it at any craft store.


Anyway, the ribbon/tape was to the right of the off centered, layered, LOVE set up. To add some pizazz I glued a flower and a brad towards the top of the ribbon. I also found out that gently brushing the edges of your finished card with brown ink makes it look beautiful.

Well, that is my little tutorial/in-put on card making.

Have fun and Happy Valentines Day!

~Kloe Sundberg ♪



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