Crocheted Throw

Today I finished a crocheted lap throw I had been working on for a long time!

Drum roll………………and here it is!


The pattern is simple:

1.) Chain however many stiches you want to make the width. Make sure the number is divisible by ten. Say, 150-200 chained stiches.

2.) Next, double crochet ten stiches, then chain three.

3.) Double crochet ten, then skip three.

4.) Repeat steps 2-3 until end of row.

5.) Repeat steps 2-4 until satisfied with length.

I just started my second full size throw (not lap-size) tonight!


~Kloé Sundberg ♪

2 responses to “Crocheted Throw

  1. I want to crochet badly! I’ve got too much going on right now to learn, but it’s on my list of things to learn! Yours is lovely! Well done Kloé!

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