Pizza Rolls and Move Update!

Hey guys! Two weeks: I haven’t posted in two weeks. Whew! It has been a whirlwind here. We visited our new state, bought a home, connected with a few people, came home, and started packing. I feel like everything is happening so fast and yet it is taking forever. I apologize for not responding to awards and comments. I will work on that as soon as this is all over. Here is a picture of our new kitchen. I thought you fellow bakers would appreciate it. Pretty great, huh? I can see some amazing creations coming out of this kitchen! It is a good size for our big family too.

Stonecrest 06

This is awesome, right??


Now, about today’s recipe; my mom has had a rough week getting ready for this move, so I thought I would bless her with one of her favorite dinners. She adores Pizza Rolls, and why not? They are soooo good! If you have never had one, then you are in for a treat! Take your favorite bread dough, prepare it, and then roll your favorite pizza toppings into it! I use my Amish White bread dough and it always turns our perfectly for me. I made sausage this time, but we have done pepperoni, cheese, and ranch chicken pizza rolls as well. It is a great way to have pizza and it is pretty easy. My little sis helped and it was lots of fun. Have your kids help and make it a family thing!


Pizza Rolls


Frozen bread dough or homemade dough that has already completed it’s first rising

Your favorite pizza toppings


1. Thaw or prepare bread dough.

2.  Roll out the dough until it is 12 by 15 inch rectangle. Now, spread your choice of sauce on the dough. Next, top with cheese and your favorite toppings.

3. Roll up rectangle starting from one wide end and roll up to the other. (it will look like a log) Press lightly to seal.

4. Cut log into 1-3 inch slices and place on a greased pan.

5. Cook in the oven at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Top with cheese.

Well, enjoy!  Hope to posts again soon!


31 responses to “Pizza Rolls and Move Update!

  1. Hey Kloe!
    Wow! That’s an awesome new kitchen! I love it. I bet you are excited to have a great place for baking. 🙂 Also, your Pizza Rolls look amazing, I will have to try that recipe SOON!
    Love you, and praying for everything to go smoothly.

  2. Congratulations to you and your family!!!! Good luck with the move. At least you have lots of helping hands 🙂 Loving the kitchen very much, though I’d bet even that large space gets crowded when everyone is around. Can’t wait to see what you start putting together in that space 😀

    Sidenote: I finally participated in the blog writing process tour in last week’s post. Again, appreciate the invitation so much.

    • Haha! You are right! Our current house has a huge kitchen it is crowded sometimes too. I kick everyone out when I am doing a huge project so I can think….Don’t worry I will absolutely post creations from the new place. Maybe just some pics introducing it too.

      Yay! I saw your post of the blog tour. I am so happy you got to it. I loved your responses. You are so sweet and exciting. 🙂

  3. Omg what a large and spacious kitchen. I look forward to delicious posts from there…you have to justify the spacious kitchen right?

    • I adore the new kitchen. Our move is having some complications and it looks like we will have a few more weeks here. I can’t tell if I am relived to postpone the long move, or disappointed. Haha! Moving….you know what I mean, right? Good luck on your move as well. 🙂

  4. Oh, Kloe! 🙂 I do like your new kitchen! It is so big and that’s really super! 🙂 Congrats on the new house and such a wonderful kitchen!

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